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The Waldren Group has developed tools to help your organization:

  • Identify its own unique identity and then help develop it further in such a way that it will enhance your organizational structure and help you to develop and attain desired goals 

  • Assess where your organization is, where it is going and what members of the organization is doing right and wrong to get there

  • Develop ways to reach organizational goals by identifying the paths needed to get there while keeping the overall organizational structure and culture in mind
    Assess their leadership and follower skills and provide coaching to help improve the effectiveness of both of these skills as well as help your organization’s members balance these dual roles

  • Recognize interlocking identities and their roles in helping to establish effective teams and workgroups

  • Identify stumbling blocks that prevent the implementation of strategic plans to reach the desired result of a better, more effective organization

The Waldren Group takes the time to custom fit their resources to your organization and can provide you  with assessments for organizations and individuals, comprehensive coaching, seminars, workshops, and other training resources.

Please take a minute to browse our site, and feel free to call us to find out what the Waldren Group can do for your organization.


“The Waldren Group provided excellent team building support to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce staff. Dr. Terry Waldren’s approach to identify individual strengths and relate them to our office setting was beneficial to our staff. We improved productivity and office interrelations, which is vital to any business function.”

Eddie McBride, President, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce

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