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The Waldren Group

is a consulting and training group that provides organizational assessment and development, leadership assessment and coaching, interlocking identities, tailored training resources, and comprehensive coaching.


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Organizational Assessment

A good way to stay on top of your organization is through an organizational assessment, which in its most effective form includes the assessment, implementation process, and a follow-up approximately one year after the implementation. The assessment part involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the organizational/business system through interviewing the CEO and key staff, evaluating business/strategic plans, reviewing year-end reports and other relevant documents, and administering a tailored written questionnaire. When problems within an organization are not identified and addressed, training dollars will be wasted, and these problem areas will continue to limit productivity.

The Waldren Group, due to the relationships we have developed with key people during our interviews, is in an excellent position to facilitate change. The improvements needed are different for each organization and may include developing a business plan, developing a transition plan, combining departments, restructuring the leadership in an organization, profiling the jobs of employees to see if they are used wisely, and coaching a leader to develop her/his leadership style to fit the needs of the organization. Developing a clear plan, having top management support the plan, and taking the time to make the new changes in habits will set the stage for successful improvements. The final tool for ensuring success is the follow-up assessment.

A follow-up assessment uses interviews and brief questionnaires to determine if the desired improvements have been successfully implemented. If they have, then the organization can celebrate the work and success. If the improvements are not complete, or a problem exists, then a plan can be developed to make the improvements needed.



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