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is a consulting and training group that provides organizational assessment and development, leadership assessment and coaching, interlocking identities, tailored training resources, and comprehensive coaching.


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Leadership Assessment

Staying in touch with the members of your organization is an ongoing process. One way to accomplish this is through a leadership assessment. The individual who is critical to improving the organization is the leader. Policies and procedures, industry standards, culture, history, and performance systems all affect the leader’s ability to make improvements. Regardless of the systemic dynamics, the challenge for the leader is to move the organization ahead. These improvements will be most successful when members of the organization feel they have a voice in what is happening in the organization. The purpose of the leader assessment is to provide in-depth information to the leader about the perceptions and feelings of the people in the organization, while providing an opportunity for these people to feel heard, and providing valuable ideas for improving the organization. Once people have an opportunity to express their ideas and concerns, then an effective leader will respond to these concerns and ideas for improvement, and in process will build credibility, morale, loyalty and support from the people in the organization.

Organizations needing to be responsive and highly competitive must develop learning organizations. Organizations valuing highly effective communication are structurally flat and people work with each other based on the needs of the current task, rather than based on hierarchy and control. These organizations require the leader to be able to talk to his/her people and to know what the pulse of the organization is in terms of its members. Saying this is easy, but being a leader with all of the demands of today’s organizations is extremely challenging. With people’s natural tendency to withhold information that may be perceived as critical or threatening, a leader needs ways to periodically get solid sound information. The Leadership Assessment provides this resource.

An assessment begins with interviews with the leader to provide the Waldren Group an opportunity to listen to the needs and concerns of the leader. We then suggest that the leader complete assessments that will provide insight about his or her leadership style, personality strengths, and areas of weakness. It is unrealistic to expect to be “all things to all people.” The next stage of the assessment is selecting key questions to ask people in the organization to get the most timely and effective information for the leader. The Waldren Group will then interview people, and from this we will develop a report with specific suggestions for leadership development. This process can be facilitated with coaching resources from The Waldren Group.


Leadership Coaching

Today’s organizations are challenged to do more with less, which requires the people in an organization to be highly effective performers. Organizational coaching is one tool for effectively developing people in the organization. A coach’s role is to work collaboratively with an individual, team, and/or department to develop specific, mutually agreed-upon skills, leadership qualities, and departmental structures and characteristics. In our talks with organizational leaders we often hear that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything they would like including mentoring key potential leaders, working with a challenging department, developing a key team, and talking to employees. Working with leadership, the Waldren Group can provide coaching resources that address these concerns in a cost effective manner. Additionally, we can do training on effective coaching to develop an in-house coaching program. Key aspects of organizational coaching, which is a powerful and flexible resource, include:

  • Leadership Development  
    • Leaders are challenged today as organizations become flatter, learning oriented, steward focused, and developmentally oriented. Additionally, the leader needs to match his or her leadership style to the developmental stage of the organization. Coaching is a cost effective way to assist young leaders to develop and hone their skills so they are providing the skilled resources needed in a system. Leadership coaching includes using assessments to increase personal understanding of strengths and weaknesses, identifying leadership style and matching this to the developmental stage of the organization, learning how to think systemically about organizations, learning to solve ongoing issues in the organization, and learning to increase effectiveness in listening and responding to people in the organization.
  • Departmental Development  
    • Within large organizations, smaller departments are constantly growing, changing leadership, addressing conflicts, and maintaining effective integration with the other departments and the organization as a whole. Organizational coaching can provide resources for departmental leadership through problem solving, facilitating meetings to address departmental concerns, facilitating teambuilding in a department, addressing unresolved conflicts and providing objective perspective on areas such as staff development, restructuring, and customer service.
  • Teambuilding  
    • Teams in any setting where tasks overlap are much more productive and efficient. Organizational coaching can provide resources for developing the needed processes involved in developing and maintaining successful teams. These include the stages of team development, roles of team members, characteristics of effective teams, and developing skills needed for successful teams.
  • Supervisory Development  
    • As organizations become flatter, and more is expected with fewer employees, supervisors play an increasingly crucial role in employee development and morale. Providing coaching to supervisors, is an excellent way to aid them in feeling valued and in assisting them in learning the many complex skills needed in today’s organizations.



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