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is a consulting and training group that provides organizational assessment and development, leadership assessment and coaching, interlocking identities, tailored training resources, and comprehensive coaching.


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Is your organization's identity crystal clear?

What comes to your mind when you think of Southwest Airlines, United Supermarkets, McDonald’s, Walmart, Harley Davidson, or Dell Computer? Each of these organizations has an image with substance. If you talked to the leadership, management, administration and employees, each of them would know this image and would have a clear idea of his or her own role in the organization. Moreover, most of these people would identify with and feel strongly attached to their organization. In our terms, both the organization and the people who work there have an identity that is clear, compelling, and this identity is a significant part of the people in these organizations. Does your organization have an identity that is clear, compelling and dynamic enough to attract, motivate and retain highly effective people?

The Waldren Group’s interlocking identities is a model program for developing a dynamic identity for your organization and the people who work for you. This process works for organizations that have an established identity and are seeking to develop a new and compelling identity and this process works for organizations who are just starting and seeking to find a compelling identity. An additional way to utilize this process is with new employees to speed up the time it takes them to learn their roles in the organization and to become invested in your organization.

The interlocking identities program promotes self-responsibility for each member in the organization, plus it builds a sense of freedom for each member of the organization because the individual develops his or her own identity in terms of their position in the organization. An organization that asks a person to be someone different from his or her identity sets up a conflict for the individual that will hurt morale, diminish productivity and ultimately destroy the organization. It also provides an opportunity for people in the organization to decide to commit to the identity and vision of the organization. Most people want to be a part of a healthy, dynamic organization, and when one is created, people will want to be a part of it.

Interlocking identities is a process that begins with the top leadership and key leaders at all levels of the organization developing an identity that they believe will create a highly effective organization. Once this is completed then people are asked to develop their identities in relationship to the organization. When a person completes his or her identity the individual has a comprehensive statement that becomes a blueprint for how he or she will become a highly effective member of the organization. Work groups, teams, and management teams also develop identities to complete the integration process in the organization.



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