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is a consulting and training group that provides organizational assessment and development, leadership assessment and coaching, interlocking identities, tailored training resources, and comprehensive coaching.


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Organizational Coaching

Today’s organizations are challenged to do more with less, which requires the people in an organization to be highly effective performers. Organizational coaching is one tool for effectively developing people in the organization. A coach’s role is to work collaboratively with an individual, team, and/or department to develop specific, mutually agreed-upon skills, leadership qualities, and departmental structures and characteristics. In our talks with organizational leaders we often hear that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything they would like including mentoring key potential leaders, working with a challenging department, developing a key team, and talking to employees. Working with leadership, the Waldren Group can provide coaching resources that address these concerns in a cost effective manner. Additionally, we can do training on effective coaching to develop an in-house coaching program. Key aspects of organizational coaching, which is a powerful and flexible resource, include:

  • Leadership Development
    • Leaders are challenged today as organizations become flatter, learning oriented, steward focused, and developmentally oriented. Additionally, the leader needs to match his or her leadership style to the developmental stage of the organization. Coaching is a cost effective way to assist young leaders to develop and hone their skills so they are providing the skilled resources needed in a system. Leadership coaching includes using assessments to increase personal understanding of strengths and weaknesses, identifying leadership style and matching this to the developmental stage of the organization, learning how to think systemically about organizations, learning to solve ongoing issues in the organization, and learning to increase effectiveness in listening and responding to people in the organization.
  • Departmental Development
    • Within large organizations, smaller departments are constantly growing, changing leadership, addressing conflicts, and maintaining effective integration with the other departments and the organization as a whole. Organizational coaching can provide resources for departmental leadership through problem solving, facilitating meetings to address departmental concerns, facilitating teambuilding in a department, addressing unresolved conflicts and providing objective perspective on areas such as staff development, restructuring, and customer service.
  • Teambuilding
    • Teams in any setting where tasks overlap are much more productive and efficient. Organizational coaching can provide resources for developing the needed processes involved in developing and maintaining successful teams. These include the stages of team development, roles of team members, characteristics of effective teams, and developing skills needed for successful teams.
  • Supervisory Development
    • As organizations become flatter, and more is expected with fewer employees, supervisors play an increasingly crucial role in employee development and morale. Providing coaching to supervisors, is an excellent way to aid them in feeling valued and in assisting them in learning the many complex skills needed in today’s organizations.


Personal Coaching

Succeeding in a career, and in relationships - whether single, involved, married or in a family, is increasingly challenging as the pace and complexity of work and life continues to increase. Bottom line coaching is a personal resource the Waldren Group offers to allow people to increase their personal fulfillment and joy and to develop a competitive edge in their career and personal endeavors. Can coaching provide these resources? Yes, if you are willing to work and develop your self-awareness, develop a clear vision and short- and long-term goals, and use self-responsible language. How does coaching work? Dr. Waldren will work with you to clarify what you want, and then we will determine the resources and strategies you need to be successful. Having a person supporting you, who is objective, and who has skills in listening, planning and identifying blocks you create to your own success is an empowering experience. Listed below are brief situations where coaching resources can be helpful.

  • Personal Planning and Goals
    • Many of us avoid clarifying our dreams and aspirations, and when we do, we often do not develop a vision for how to enact these dreams that includes specific strategies, goals and action plans.
  • Career Advancement
    • Moving ahead in today’s organizations is challenging, and working with a coach who is familiar with organizational dynamics can facilitate your developing key strategies for building success.
  • Building on Strengths for Growth
    • Often when we are stuck or seeking to better ourselves, we focus on improving our weaknesses. Yet, we know that identifying, focusing on, and building from our strengths is a more effective approach. Then, if we still have negative patterns, we will work from the next resource framework.
  • Self-Defeating Patterns
    • Most people have habit patterns learned in the past that are no longer workable and yet we continue to repeat them. Coaching can aid you in identifying these patterns and developing new patterns and a new identity that is positive with new patterns that work.
  • Relationship Support
    • Dating, marriage, and family are challenging for most of us. To have a supportive coach work with you to clarify your needs and goals so you can communicate these clearly is empowering, plus support while dating can make a tough experience easier.
  • Problem Solving
    • Making key career decisions, handling critical business decisions, and making family and career decisions can often be enhanced by sharing and working with an objective listener.


These are a few examples of how I could work with you as a coach. Each of these areas would have written materials for you to work with to facilitate learning, and each person I coach will have a tailored program developed especially for him or her. Please consider setting up a free session to see if you like working with me and if you believe that the resources I have to offer will give you that competitive edge with your life and dreams.



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